Under 20s - Women

CU20W: United States vs. Mexico

Tune in at 3:00pm ET to watch the CONCACAF Women's Under-20 Championship Live from Ato Boldon Stadium, in Trinidad and Tobago!

Tuesday, Jan 23

CU20W: Nicaragua vs. Jamaica

Trinidad & Tobago v Costa Rica | Save of the Game

CU20W: Haiti v Canada Highlights

Haiti v Canada | Save of the Game

CU20W: Trinidad & Tobago vs. Costa Rica

CU20W: Haiti vs. Canada

Flash Zone Interviews: Jamaica v United States

Jamaica v United States | Save of the Game

Flash Zone Interviews: Nicaragua v Mexico

Flash Zone Interviews: Costa Rica v Canada

CU20W: Jamaica vs. United States

Nicaragua v Mexico | Save of the Game

CU20W: Nicaragua vs. Mexico

Canada v Trinidad & Tobago | Save of the Game

CU20W: Canada v Trinidad & Tobago Highlights

Flash Zone Interviews: Canada v Trinidad & Tobago

CU20W: Canada vs. Trinidad & Tobago

CU20W: Haiti vs. Costa Rica

United States v Nicaragua Highlights

Flash Zone Interviews: United States v Nicaragua

United States v Nicaragua |Save of the Game

CU20W: United States vs. Nicaragua

Flash Zone Interviews: Mexico v Jamaica

Mexico v Jamaica Highlights

Mexico v Jamaica |Save of the Game

CU20W: Mexico vs. Jamaica

CU20W: Trinidad & Tobago v Haiti Highlights

Trinidad & Tobago v Haiti | Save of the Game

CU20W: Costa Rica v Canada Highlights

Flash Zone Interviews: Trinidad & Tobago v Haiti

Costa Rica v Canada | Save of the Game

CU20W: Trinidad & Tobago vs. Haiti

CU20W: Costa Rica vs. Canada

CU20W: Nicaragua v Mexico Highlights

CU20W: Jamaica v United States Highlights

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